From DID and beyond

We have obtained absolute ownership of assets through Bitcoin and blockchain.

And now, starting from establishing your DID (Decentralized Identity), we can allow credit, data, and cyber life to return to everyone's self-control.

CyberMiles is actively improving community governance and has gained support from many partners in building a DID vision that belongs to everyone - such as CyberMiles 2.0 Migrate, which is one of the products of open cooperation and will become the foundation of the DID protocol.

About CyberMiles 2.0

CyberMiles 2.0 is a network upgrade initiated by the CyberMiles community and ecological partners. Its purpose is to reconstruct the foundation based on the experience and gains in many explorations such as e-commerce, the first DPOS-EVM Chain, and the NFT Marketplace, and let the open community lead the future of the ecology.

CMT is still the native token of CyberMiles, and CyberMiles will be fully supported by open POS nodes and promoted through community governance.  Learn about what CyberMiles 2.0 will bring here.

Why do we need CyberMiles 2.0?

Let credit, data, and digital life return to everyone's self-control. CyberMiles 2.0, as a distributed blockchain foundation, establishes decentralized identity identification for each individual through cryptography and general protocols, so that credit and data can be completely controlled by ourselves.

Secure, open, free, and verifiable information protocols. CyberMiles 2.0 will be able to evolve with the development of the entire blockchain credit and become a network of many identity protocols and data connections.

More easily adoptable and rapidly developing distributed identity protocols. High performance, decentralized, and developer-friendly, CyberMiles 2.0 has unparalleled advantages in reducing development and access costs, etc.

Future View

CyberMiles is progressing, just like the blockchain domain itself.


DID (Decentralized Identifiers) is a part of distributed credit, serving as the foundation of all grand digital buildings. Through the DID protocol supported by CyberMiles, we can continuously connect more applications in finance, social and digital society.


Terminus is a Web 3.0 Operating System built atop a decentralized network of self-hosted nodes to return data ownership to users. Terminus is supported by CyberMiles' ecological partner ByteTrade Lab and will be one of the first access partners of CyberMiles DID.


CMT is the most basic CyberMiles Native asset and governance certificate, and all on-chain activities require consumption of CMT. After CyberMiles 2.0, the release rate of CMT will decrease and be distributed to a wider range of POS nodes and communities.

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Together, let's drive the future of blockchain, DID, and CyberMiles.

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